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How can I dispute something on my report?

Last updated on: Dec 19, 2015

Your report is provided to us by Equifax. They compile your report based on information from banks, mobile phone companies and utility companies. This report is updated once a month, and so your report may contain information that is up to 4-6 weeks out of date.

If you think your credit report contains incorrect information that’s more than 4-6 weeks out of date, you’ll need to contact the lender involved, or fill in a dispute form to have this information corrected by Equifax directly: raise a dispute

Errors may include incorrectly recorded late payments, arrears or defaults or not being recorded on the Electoral Roll at your current address.

If the lender agrees that the information is inaccurate, they can make the necessary amendment or ask Equifax to update your file.

If there is information on your report which is correct, it won’t be removed until the entry has expired.


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